42nd St.
42nd Street (4:41) 
Happy Days Are Here Again (3:10) 
I Had The Craziest Dream (7:45) 
I Only Have Eyes For You (3:58) 
I’m In The Mood For Love (2:37) 
It’s De-Lovely (3:44) 
Lullabye Of Broadway (5:00) 
There’s A Small Hotel (3:10) 
You’ll Never Know (5:06) 
You’re Getting To Be A Habit For Me (3:52) 
You’re The Top (2:23) 
Chewing Gum (4:53) 
Easy Street (3:37)
I Dont Need Anything But You (1:22)
It’s A Hard Knock Life (2:21)
Maybe (2:33)
Tomorrow (3:32) 
Your Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (1:23)
Annie Get Your Gun
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better (3:25) 
There’s No Business Like Show Business (3:30) 
They Say It’s Wonderful (3:35) 
An Old Fashioned Wedding (2:23)
Colonel Buffalo Bill (2:15)
Doing What Comes Naturally (3:46)
Girl That I Marry, The (1:24)
I’m A Bad, Bad Man (2:57)
Avenue Q
Avenue Q Theme, The (1:06)
Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist (4:49)
Fantasies Come True (3:44)
I Wish I Could Go Back to College (2:15)
If You Were Gay (1:40) 
Internet Is For Porn, The (2:58) 
Mix Tape (3:41)
Money Song, The (5:08)
More You Ruv Someone, The (2:20)
My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada (1:22)
Purpose (2:33)
Schadenfraude (3:08)
School For Monsters/The Money Song (Rep) (1:34)
Special (2:36)

There’s a Fine Fine Line (2:41)
There Is A Life Outside Your Apartment (2:51)
What Do You Do With a B.A (5:57)
You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (2:39)
Book Of Mormon
All American Prophet (6:25)
Baptize Me (4:27)
Hasa Diga Eebowai (4:34)
Hello (3:02) 
I Believe (4:46) 
Making Things Up Again (4:29)
Man Up (4:13)
Spooky Mormon Hell Dream (4:41)
Turn It Off (5:12) 
Two By Two (4:43)
You And Me (But Mostly Me) (2:51) 
Almost Like Being In Love (3:47) 
Bye Bye Birdie
Kids (0:21) 
Cabaret (4:24) 
Don’t Tell Mama (3:27) 
Maybe this Time (2:51) 
Mein Herr (3:29) 
The Money Song (4:14) 
Camille Claudel
Gold (3:49) 
Before I Gaze At You Again (2:03)
C’ Est Moi  (3:35)
Follow Me (3:08)
How To Handle A Woman (3:25)
I Loved You Once In Silence (4:14)
If Ever I Would Leave You (3:57)
Can Can
Allez Vous En (2:24)
Come Along With Me (2:36)
I Am In Love (3:58)
I Love Paris (2:39)
It’s All Right With Me (2:36)
Live And Let Live (1:55)
Never Give Anything Away (2:16)

If I Loved You (3:24) 
You’ll Never Walk Alone (4:19) 
Blow High Blow Low (1:23)
Stonecutters Cut It On Stone (1:23)
What’s The Use Of Wonderin’ (2:22)
You’re A Queer One (:45)
Memory (4:07) 
Anthem (2:55) 
All That Jazz (5:15) 
Class (3:14) 
Mr. Cellophane (4:31) 
When You’re Good To Mama (3:25) 
Chorus Line
One (2:01) 
What I Did For Love (3:43) 
Doctor Zhivago
Somewhere My Love (3:08) 
Soon It’s Gonna Rain (5:24) 
Metaphor (3:23)
Much More (2:15)
Never Say No (2:12)
Plant A Radish (2:30)
They Were You (2:19)
Fiddler On The Roof
If I Were A Rich Man (2:23) 
Anatevka (3:05)
Miracle Of Miracles (1:57)
Now I Have Everything (2:02)
Full Monty
Big Black Man (4:05) 
Funny Girl
Don’t Rain On My Parade (5:50) 
Day By Day (3:30) 
Blue Moon (2:24) 
Born to Hand Jive (4:54) 
Freddy My Love (3:07) 
Grease (3:23) 

Greased Lightning (3:33) 
Hopelessly Devoted to You (3:08) 
No Sugar Tonight (5:16) 
Rock N Roll is Here to Stay (2:03) 
Sandy (2:51) 
Summer Nights (2:30) 
There Are Worse Things I Could Do (2:14) 
Those Magic Changes (2:21) 
Worse Things I Could Do (2:21) 
Guys & Dolls
Luck Be A Lady (2:30) 
Everything’s Coming Up Roses (3:08) 
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (2:33) 
May Me Entertain You (2:19) 
Small World (2:01) 
Aquarius (4:55) 
Good Morning Baltimore (4:01) 
You Can’t Stop The Beat (4:10) 
Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Angry Inch (3:00) 
Hedwig’s Lament (1:51) 
Midnight Radio (5:35) 
Origin of Love (5:28) 
Sugar Daddy (4:24) 
Wicked Little Town (3:37) 
Wig In A Box (4:16) 
Hello Dolly
Before The Parade Passes By (4:11)
Don’t Rain On My Parade (3:41) 
Elegance (2:53)
Hello Dolly (2:42) 
I Put My Hand In (4:48)
It Only Takes A Moment (2:48)
It Takes A Woman (3:03)
Put On Your Sunday Clothes (5:01)
Ribbons Down My Back (3:29)
So Long, Dearie (2:52)
High School Musical
Breaking Free (2:59) 
We’re All In This Together (1:31) 
What I’ve Been Looking For (4:17) 

High School Musical 2
Everyday (3:48) 
Fabulous (3:26) 
Jekyll & Hyde
A New Life (4:27) 
Jesus Christ Superstar
Could We Start Again Please (3:45) 
Damned For All Time (2:43) 
Everything’s Alright (3:19) 
Gethsemane (3:37) 
Heaven On Their Minds (4:58) 
Hosanna (3:40) 
I Don’t Know How To Love Him (3:38) 
I Only Want To Say (3:06) 
Jesus Christ Superstar (3:50) 
John 19-41 (Instrumental) (2:21) 
King Herod’s Song (3:47) 
Last Supper (4:49) 
Pilate’s Dream (1:26) 
Simon Zealotes (3:39) 
Superstar (3:18) 
Superstar Overture (Instrumental) (3:12) 
What’s The Buzz Strange Thing Mystifying (4:23) 
Joseph And His Amazing…
Any Dream Will Do (3:53) 
King & I
Hello Young Lovers (3:29) 
My Lord & Master (2:04)
Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You (3:00)
La Cage Aux Folles
I Am What I Am (3:25) 
Les Miserables
At The End Of The Day (4:40) 
Bishop, The (1:51) 
Bring Him Home (3:32) 
Castle on a Cloud (1:38) 
I Dreamed a Dream (3:48) 
In My Life (5:17) 
Look Down (Beggars) (2:34) 
On My Own (3:03) 
One Day More (3:37) 
Stars (2:46) 
Suddenly (2:44) 
Valjean’s Soliloquy (3:47) 
Who Am I (2:38) 

Little Shop Of Horrors
Dentist (3:02) 
Grow For Me (2:24) 
Skid Row (3:31) 
Some Fun No (5:24) 
Suddenly Seymour (3:25) 
We Need A Little Christmas (3:42) 
Man Of La Mancha
I, Don Quixote (4:14) 
Impossible Dream, The (2:34) 
Miss Saigon
Why God Why (2:55) 
Music Man
‘Til There Was You (3:20) 
Goodnight My Someone (2:58)
Iowa Stubborn (1:59)
Lida Rose Will I Ever Tell You (3:42)
Marian The Librarian (2:48)
My White Knight (3:13)
Sadder But Wiser Girl, The (1:49)
Seventy-Six Trombones (3:38) 
Shipoopi (2:34)
Sincere (1:49)
Wells Fargo Wagon, The (2:18)
Ya Got Trouble
My Fair Lady
Get Me To The Church On Time (4:23) 
I Could Have Danced All Night (3:36) 
On The Street Where You Live (2:12) 
Rain In Spain, The (4:05) 
Show Me (2:23) 
With A Little Bit Of Luck (6:35) 
Without You (2:21) 
Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (4:14) 
Unusual Way (4:08) 
All ‘Er Nothin’
Farmer And The Cowman, The
I Can’t Say No (3:15) 
If You Don’t Mind My Saying So (:57)
Kansas City
Lonely Room
Many A New Day

Oh What A Beautiful Morning (3:48) 
Oklahoma (5:00) 
Out Of My Dreams
People Will Say We’re In Love
Pick A Little, Talk A Littlegoodnight Ladies (1:53)
Surrey With The Fringe On Top (3:49) 
As Long As He Needs Me (4:06) 
Consider Yourself (3:50) 
Good Morning Starshine (3:24) 
Who Will Buy (2:15) 
Be Back Soon
Boy For Sale
Food, Glorious Food
I Shall Scream
I’d Do Anything
It’s A Fine Life
My Name
Pick A Pocket, Or Two
Reviewing The Situation
That’s Your Funeral
Where Is Love
Perils Of Pauliine
I Wish I Didn’t Love You So (2:06) 
Corner In The Sky
Kind Of Woman
Love Song
With You
Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask of You (4:03) 
Angel of Music (4:05) 
Music Of The Night (5:10) 
Phantom of the Opera (4:22) 
The Music of the Night (4:59) 
Think of Me (3:08) 
Wishing You Were Here (3:27) 
Porgy & Bess
Summertime (2:58) 
A Woman Is A Sometime Thing
Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess

I Loves You Porgy
It Ain’t Necessarily So
Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way
Oh, Heav’nly Father
There’s A Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon For N.Y.
I Should Tell You (3:06)
I’ll Cover You (2:33) 
Light My Candle (4:15) 
Out Tonight (3:51) 
Rent (4:21) 
Seasons Of Love (4:58) 
Take Me or Leave Me (3:54) 
Rock of Ages
Just Like Paradise & Nothin’ But A Good Time (5:19)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Damn It Janet (2:57) 
Over At The Frankenstein Place (5:15) 
Science Fiction – Double Feature (3:18) 
Sweet Transvestite (3:11) 
Time Warp (4:08) 
Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me (3:50) 
Right This Way
I’ll Be Seeing You (3:37) 
Sound Of Music
Do Re Mi (4:04) 
My Favorite Things (5:16) 
Sound Of Music, The (3:53) 
An Ordinary Couple
Canticle Confitemini Domine
Climb Every Mountain
How Can Love Survive
Lonely Goatherd
No Way To Stop It
Sixteen Going On Seventeen
So Long, Farewell
South Pacific
I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair (2:40) 
Some Enchanted Evening (3:37) 
Younger Than Springtime (3:18) 
Bloody Mary
Cock Eyed Optimist, A
Dites Moi
Honey Bun
Twin Sololoquies

Sunset Boulevard
As If We Never Said Goodbye
Girl Meets Boy
Greatest Star Of All, The
New Ways To Dream
Perfect Year, The
Sunset Boulevard
Too Much In Love To Care
With One Look
West Side Story
I Feel Pretty (3:03) 
Maria (4:45) 
Somewhere (4:58) 
Tonight (3:54) 
You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown
Baseball Game, The (3:16) 
Beethoven Day (3:33) 
Book Report, The (4:57) 
Doctor Is In, The (2:42) 
Glee Club Rehearsal (4:06) 
Happiness (4:13) 
Kite, The (3:50) 
Little Known Facts (3:14) 
My Blanket & Me (3:33) 
My New Philosophy (4:48) 
Schroeder (5:04) 
Snoopy (3:54)